Wednesday, 5 June 2013


It seems ironic but I just realised this blog currently has a more relevant title than ever.

Whilst I set this up to take a light-hearted look at tiny, unnoticed things that generally made me smile, we now find ourselves in a period where citizens of Turkey are fighting against their media's cloak of invisibility.

Is still think  #occupygezi is the most powerful website, just photographs regularly updated with real-life actions in Turkey.

The hashtag #occupygezi is being plastered all over Twitter, and videos such as this police brutality and it all started with a tree are popping up all over Youtube to describe what is actually happening.

I think this is great; the people of Turkey are beating the silence protrayed by the Turkish media. They just want to be heard, and there are so many of them!

Now, after several days, let's hope that something constructive comes of all of this...

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